Corona Concerts

During 2020/21, the Chinese Coronavirus Pandemic hit the world with chaos, sadness and fear.

When the outbreak hit Britain in March 2020, a Lockdown was issued with many public spaces being closed and events cancelled. This affected Tom especially, with many bookings either cancelled or postponed.

As an alternative and some defiance to fight boredom, Tom decided to record himself at home and upload the videos onto YouTube for anyone interested to view and enjoy. These would be called 'The Corona Concerts.' Many of these songs were either tunes Tom had never had the time to sing live or were quite new to him.

In addition, Tom has done a couple of live streamed shows via Facebook.

As of February 2021, Tom is still recording and adding new songs, whilst waiting for this horrible period to end and to do live events again. 


For more information:

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>The Corona Concert - Volume 4: Rock & Roll, Rockabilly and Rhythm & Blues (YouTube Videos)

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