Thomas Andrew Heyes (born 1993) grew up and still resides in Great Barr, Birmingham, England. Tom first got into music playing the Recorder in Primary School. Eventually he moved onto the Clarinet, and later on Saxophone. As of May 2015, Tom has a Grade 5 for Clarinet and Grade 4 for Saxophone. Whilst learning to play these instruments, Tom started to get interested in Big Band and Jazz music particularly by Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman, and so started to play/learn a lot of their songs.

Singing however came much later. Just before finishing High School in 2008/09, Tom started to get interested and listen to songs by crooners such as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Bobby Darin (later getting interested in other music genres - Soul, Pop and Rock & Roll). Eventually he started to sing as a hobby in private teaching myself - listening to the music and picking up the notes and lyrics.

His first public performance was in May 2011 being booked for a 15 minute slot during a church fete at St Paul's Church Hall, Hamstead. Later that year in September, Tom started to have private tutorials with singing teacher, Jo Dwyer for singing, which involved performing at several church concerts – adding to the performing experience. Tom would try his hand out at other public appearances on his own including singing at two retirement homes in July 2012 and annually at the Great Barr Memorial Hall, November 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Prior to this, whilst in the early stages of learning to sing, in June 2010, Tom had joined the Crescent Youth Theatre Group (at the Crescent Theatre in Birmingham) - a theatre group for young people (aged 15 - 21). During the two years there, Tom was able to gain experience and knowledge of performing live to an audience, doing three major productions - 'Masquerade' by Terry Practett (in which Tom played a stage hand - here's a video of the play), 'Midsummer Nights Dream' by William Shakespeare (playing the role of Egeus - a great villain role, lots of shouting and swaggering about !!!), and 'Great Expectations' by Charles Dickens (acting as Herbert Pockett, where Tom got a taste for dressing up - even using his own Top Hat).

After finishing the Crescent Theatre in June 2012, Tom started going to a new regular open-mic night event called ‘The Blue Monkey Club’, at the Great Barr Conservative, in October later that year. It was here that Tom learned how to perform to a crowd and was able to sing the usual Jazz songs, plus experiment with other genres. Tom still regularly performs at this club, experimenting and trying out new material. Two members of the BMC occasionally do a Rat Pack Tribute act called 'Lads Vegas'. In May 2013 Tom was invited to make a guest apperance at one of their concerts at the Great Barr Conservative Club, singing 6 songs - Tom has occasionally sang with them since then.

After finishing Sandwell College (2009 - 2013), Tom went to Wolverhampton University to carry on studying Photography. During the 2nd and final year there, for two University Modules, Tom and his University Class were required to set up a public exhibition for each and needed to raise the funds themselves. As part of the fundraising Tom would do two Song & Dance concerts. The first was held at a Church Hall in Penn, Wolverhampton and the second was at the Great Barr Conservative Club.

Because of the success of the show at the Great Barr Conservative Club, Tom was invited by the club's committee to come back and do his own show. On 18th July 2015, he did another well attended show. Because of the success he has regularly been performing these shows ever since.


Tom occasionally does concerts for the Sandwell Libraries as Tom was a volunteer at one of their Libraries - Great Barr Library. Tom has performed at several other Libraries including Tipton, Wednesbury, Stone Cross, Blackheath & West Bromwich.

Tom also performs at care homes, partiescharity events and other functions. Venues over the years have included Manor House Care Home, Pelsall Community Centre, Sandwell Cardiac Club, Pigeons Parlour and Charlemont Social Club.


As of today, Tom is currently performing where he can - any types of show to get his name around (venues, clubs, libraries, churches and parties), plus singing and learning new material for future events


'Great Expectations'

Tom as Herbert Pocket, in a production of 'Great Exceptions' for Crescent Youth Theatre Group, Birmingham (23rd March 2012).

Sandwell College Final Exhibition

FInal Exhibition Night for Sandwell College Photography Class at 'The Public', West Bromwich (6th June 2013).

Tom graduating from Wolverhampton University (21st September 2015).

The Two Toms !!!

Tom at a Tom Jones Concert, Sherwood Pines, Nottinghamshire - 24th June 2017

Tom on holiday in St Ives, Cornwall (16th September 2018)

Tom, a member of the West Bromwich Harriers Running Club, with the rest of the team at the Birmingham Cross Country League Race 3, Droitwich (12th January 2019)