The Blue Monkey Club

The Blue Monkey Club (BMC) was set up in October 2012. It is an open mic night that is held at the Great Barr Conservative Club. As of 2021, it is held once a month (the last Friday of each month).

The club is organised by a group of school friends from the local Dartmouth High School. People who usually perform there are guitarists, however there are and have been others including keyboardists, saxophonists, singers and even once a bag-pipe player!!!

As well as open mic nights, the BMC also organises events starring professional groups such as The Glamophones, Ricky Cool & the In Crowd, The Bootleg Beatles and The Broombusters to perform at the venue.

Tom Heyes started performing here regularly not long after it had been set up. Having not that much experience, he was able to gain more confidence and learn how to cope with performing to a crowd (along with the singing lessons and concerts).

Tom also performs with other artists playing their instruments for a jam session or Tom singing a song himself (e.g Brown Eyed Girl, Johnny B Goode or Heroes).

Tom still regularly performs at this club, experimenting and trying out new material for the future. 

Through this experience Tom has gained the confidence to start out with his own shows to get bookings for parties, shows, and concerts.


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