University Exhibition Fundraising

From September 2013 to May 2015 Tom studied Photography at Wolverhampton University.

In the final year for two modules, Tom's class had to raise money to fund their own exhibition. The class (calling themselves 'Shutter Collective')set up regular meetings to discuss their plans.

For the 1st exhibition, Tom volunteered to do a concert to raise money. One of his friends on the course was to do a ballroom/salsa dance routine with a dance partner. Other people decided where & when to have the concert, plus refreshments.

The event, 'An Afternoon of Song & Dance', was held at the St Bartholomew Church Hall in Penn, Wolverhampton on 6th December 2014. A raffle, plus refreshments were provided by volunteers from the class. The show went well and rasied £116.

For the 2nd exhibition, due to the success of the previous show, Tom would do another. Due to his good relations, Tom suggested it would be staged at the Great Barr Conservative Club.

The next show, 'An Afternoon of Song & Dance Part 2' was held on 14th March 2015. A raffle, amongst others were used to raise money. The concert was an even bigger success than the last, with a huge attendance and raised £471. The money rasied was more enough to rent the venue the class wanted and the exhibition went ahead as planned. Due to the success at the club, the commity gave Tom the opportunity to be invitted back to start his own shows.


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