Jo Dwyer Singers Concerts

Tom has for several years had private tutorials under the tution of a singing teacher, Jo Dwyer. She has taught plenty of techniques in singing - breathing exercises, sounding the lyrics more vocally, reaching the high notes in a song, doing scales and also warming the voice up before actually singing. Although a classically trained teacher (music such as Mozart and Bach), she was also interested in Tom's original genre of music - Jazz & Pop Standards. Tom would start to practise these songs with her, trying to perfect them.

Amongst this Tom perform at several church concerts (called "Jo Dwyyers' Blossoming Singers") along with Jo's other pupils/students. Tom's Mom, Linda, although not a singer also takes the stage to read out some humorous Pam Ayres poems.

As of 2019, Tom is still taking these lessons and performing at her concerts.


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